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Can full auto mode be trusted?

 The cameras full auto mode can’t be trusted all the time! But, It does have a place, but when should you not trust it?

Example: You should not trust full auto when you are doing weddings, people are paying you a lot of money and they want Grandma to look good and clear, Aunt Barb, Mom, Dad, Friends. Get the point? Full auto can get the exposure wrong and the focus might be just a little off! 


First Understanding The Histogram

  lets you know if your image will be too dark or too Light. it is just a meter, not a setting! you observe it if the image is too dark or too light and you will know that you must make an adjustment 

A histogram is a good tool and it is simple to use! After trying it, It is not hard to learn at all, all you have to do is observe what it is showing you when you change the aperture or the shutter speeds, or maybe the ISO! when the histogram peaks are too far to the right climbing the wall, it means the image is too bright when the peaks are too far to the left wall, it means the image is too dark! it is an excellent tool to have.


Manual Settings

You don’t need math skills,  the word manual is a scary word for new photographers!  I learned how to use the 3 settings Shutter, Aperture, ISO, by just trying them out to see what they do to my images! it is an experiment for all photographers and learning these settings will greatly reward you.


Long Exposure is awesome 

You will love taking long exposure shots of waterfalls making the water look like silk flowing over the landscape or taking longe exposure time shots of moving traffic at night, or how about the moving clouds. Just by setting the Shutter Speeds to lower/slower speeds, like 1/30, 1/20 1/10 1/05 and so on until you get the effect your looking for! try it on moving cars and see what speeds blur the motion! you will learn how the shutter works very quickly.


Low Motivation Mornings

We all get them moments, I wake up some days feeling like what the hell am I getting up so early just to take photos? it is the best time to go and hike it out, a search for that perfect composition and thinking about your camera settings on the way out the door and I love the morning sounds of early birds singing, signaling to each other!


Safety First

A few tips before going out the door!  I suggest taking an assistant or friend even family members. this can shorten the time of the shoot, watch your back for safety and help carry gear. 


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